Custom Orders

Custom Made Chocolate Coated Products

At Byron Bay Cacao we can design a product to meet you’re companies, businesses or events needs. Choose from a wide range of colours, centers, flavours and coatings. Email us for a custom product form at [email protected] (minimum order quantity of 10kg)


Turn Down Chocolates

We can prepare plain hard set or flavoured chocolates wrapped in foil and branded with your logo or business details. All we need is a print ready logo file and for you to select the flavour and shape of your chocolate. (Price range from $0.80-$1.00 per chocolate) Email us for a custom product form at [email protected]

Handcrafted Chocolate Bonbons


Dressed in Dark Chocolate

Double Chocolate Coffee – milk chocolate coffee ganache

Orange & Cognac – orange & cognac swiss ganache

Double Chocolate Banana Liquor – banana liquor & white chocolate swiss ganache

Roast Hazelnut – hazelnut liquor, roasted hazelnut and dark chocolate ganache

Dark Chocolate & Chilli – fresh spices, vanilla bean & chilli in dark chocolate ganache

Peppermint & White Rum – peppermint scented white rum swiss ganache

Macadamia Nut – slow roast hinterland macadamia nuts in dark chocolate ganache

Kahlua & Coffee – espresso coffee & kahlua swiss ganache

Rose & Frangelico – rose scented dark chocolate & frangelico swiss ganache

Smoked Salt Caramel & Single Malt Whisky – smooth caramel w a lagavulin ganache

Hazelnut Crunch & Orange Liquor

Raspberry Cheesecake – pate de fruit, shortbread & white chocolate vanilla bean ganache


Vegan Chocolates

Raspberry Water Ganache

Mango & Lime Ganache

Coconut Water Ganache

Blood Orange Ganache

Spiced Pear

Coconut Velvet Ganache

Ginger & White Peach

Pate de Fruit


Dressed in Milk Chocolate

Banana & Coconut Tea – banana & coconut tea water ganache in milk chocolate

Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey – honey ganache w a hint of orange blossom

Murray River Sea Salt – murray river sea salt caramel ganache

Organic Lemon – organic lemon ganache

Roast Pecan – nimbin valley pecan nuts in a milk chocolate ganache

Lemon Myrtle – lemon myrtle infused milk chocolate ganache

Lychee Liquor – lychee liquor & white chocolate swiss chocolate ganache

Toasted Coconut – golden coconut in a milk chocolate ganache

Milk Chocolate – milk chocolate ganache

Peanut Butter – handmade peanut butter w coconut oil & sea salt

Strawberry Liquor – strawberry liquor & white chocolate swiss chocolate ganache

Chai Tea – byron bay chai tea infused white chocolate ganache


Dressed in White Chocolate

Green Apple Vodka – green apple vodka & white chocolate swiss ganache

Fruit Tingle – raspberry vodka & blue curacao white chocolate swiss ganache

Green Tea – green tea infused white chocolate ganache

Sake & Berry – japanese sake & berry liquor white chocolate swiss ganache


Special Order

Champagne – moet & chandon milk chocolate ganache

Special Reserve – candied orange & special reserve cognac dark chocolate swiss ganache

Grandfathers Port – vintage port & dark chocolate water ganache

Pinot Noir – pinot noir & dark chocolate water ganache with 23 carat gold leaf